New Talent Discovered in World Athletics’ Content Creator Program | PRESS RELEASE

New Talent Discovered in World Athletics' Content Creator Program |  PRESS RELEASE

The search is complete. After receiving applications from thousands of creatives from around the world through their Content Creator program, World Athletics has selected seven talented people.

These seven creatives – from four different continents – will produce content for World Athletics’ TikTok, YouTube and Instagram platforms in the coming months, leading up to and during the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23.

They are:

João Barretto, who is a sports journalist and content creator from Brazil with experience covering international events such as the Tokyo Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships Oregon22. He is known for his irreverent interviews with athletes and adventures on the international circuit.

Charles Brockman III

Charles Brockman III, who is an NCAA All American and former Texas Longhorn hurdler became a social media sensation. He studied communication and radio and now works as a creator. His social media presence boasts an incredible 11 million combined followers across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram thanks to his comedy, sketches, vlogs and short films.

Maya Bruney
Maya Bruney, who is an athlete and designer from South London, UK. After international success as an U20 athlete, she ventured into the world of fashion. She recently launched @trackandfits with one goal in mind: to bring track fashion to athletics.
Daniel Flaveny

Daniel Flaveny, who is an internationally recognized video creator and videographer with more than 18 years of experience. His award-winning video edits have amassed more than 17 million views on YouTube. Quick with a gimbal and just as quick behind the computer, Dannel is also known for producing quality work in record time.

Guo Habur

Guo Habur, who is a Chinese athletics team journalist and one of the biggest influencers in the athletics community in China. He has covered athletics for over five years as a freelancer on Chinese social media platforms Weibo and Douyin.

Katelyn Hutchison

Katelyn Hutchison, who is a student-athlete at the University of Kentucky. In addition to her commitment to success on the field, she spends her free time working toward two goals: to elevate the athlete’s voice in athletics and to make the sport the most exciting sport anyone has ever seen. Through her interviews and social media profiles, it is clear that she is not afraid to show her enthusiasm for the world’s purest sport. Her love for athletics is contagious and she hopes to spread that love through her content creation.

Ellie Sunman

Ellie Sunman, who is a 23-year-old content creator from the UK. Her rise as a creator came via TikTok, where her platform now boasts over 100,000 followers thanks to her story-themed content. Growing up, she immersed herself in the world of sports, especially running, and achieved success in her local cross-country championships as an U20 athlete. Today, she would describe herself more as a champion spectator than a competitor, but sports will always be an integral part of her life.

Stay tuned to World Athletics’ online platforms to engage with the content these upcoming creatives will produce.

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