Freshpet has a new dog food recipe for large dogs

Freshpet has a new dog food recipe for large dogs

If you own a larger dog breed, you probably know that they tend to have different dietary needs and requirements from their smaller counterparts. Fortunately for us and our pups, Freshpet understands what our dogs need.

At the beginning of May, Freshpet revealed that they launched a brand new recipe for our large dogs, specifically formulated to meet the needs of these puppies.

This new offering from Freshpet is called Large Dog Big Bites Multi-Protein Recipe, and pet parents will be able to find it in both pet stores and regular grocery stores across the country.

Freshpet introduces their new large dog recipe

According to the press email we received, this recipe is not only adapted for larger breeds, but it contains large cuts of meat, including salmon, beef and chicken. (And yes, there are veggies, too.) Of course, the meat (and veggies) themselves aren’t the only thing that help make this new recipe a must-have for larger dogs. There is also the fact that it contains nutrients and vitamins that help our puppies live longer and healthier lives.

This new formula for large dogs contains chondroitin and glucosamine to help promote healthy joints and improved mobility, as well as vitamin C, vitamin B12 and even biotin. (These vitamins are also known for their heart-healthy contributions.) Taken together, the addition of these vitamins and nutrients is exactly what our larger dogs need to improve their overall health and well-being.

As pet parents, we want the very best for our dogs, and that includes finding the food that is made for our puppies. Thanks to Freshpet, we are able to give our larger dogs exactly what they need and deserve.

We know our staff pup is a fan of Freshpet and we can’t wait to find her a bag of this new formula to see if it not only helps her joints but also her overall strength. We want the best for our pup and Freshpet certainly delivers.

Are you a fan of Freshpet? Do you have a larger dog that needs a recipe designed for them? Would you like to try the new recipe for large dogs yourself?

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