Easy Mackerel Toast with Lemony Vegetables is prime picnic fare

Easy Mackerel Toast with Lemony Vegetables is prime picnic fare

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Summer is coming, slowly and surely like dripping honey. It makes me think: pool days and sticky skin, lightning bugs and thunderstorms, cold watermelon and picnics. It makes me think of the easiest recipes that involve as little cooking as possible. These Mackerel Toasts fit that bill. You only need a few ingredients – most of them from your pantry and spice collection – and a few minutes.

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Start by mixing a bit of mayonnaise with a dollop of prepared horseradish and add the zest of a lemon. Roll that lemon on your cutting board to get its juice going, then cut it in half.

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In a small bowl combine a sliced ​​Persian cucumber – no need to peel it – a small red radish, sliced ​​and a sliced ​​shallot. The shallot is optional, but I like the garlicky flavor next to the zing of the horseradish mayonnaise. Squeeze the lemon over the vegetables so they taste a bit like pickles. Add a pinch of salt if you like.

Now cut two thick slices of bread from a crusty loaf. Ciabatta is good here, but I want to toast it. A sourdough miche, dense and nutty, would be even better. Whole wheat or white sandwich bread also works fine. Spread the lemon-horseradish mayonnaise on the two slices. It will soak into the small cracks of the bread and make it a soft landing for the main event: a can of mackerel. smoked? Oil pack? Waterlogged? I like my mackerel smoked and oily, but the choice is yours. You can also use any other type of canned fish, including tuna, salmon or trout.

When the fish are in place, the lemony vegetables are poured over them. They won’t all stay put, and that’s okay. This is finger food, meant to be a little messy. All that’s left to do is add some parsley leaves and freshly ground black pepper.

This recipe serves one but is easily doubled or quadrupled. I like to eat my Mackerel Toasts standing at the counter near the sink, making sure each bite has some bread, horseradish mayo, fish, crisp vegetables and parsley. But this would also make a great picnic meal, just something to enjoy in the gentle warmth of spring before the full heat of the summer sun hits.

Get the recipe: Mackerel Toasts

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