Culinary Secrets – Revealing the best food recipes in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Culinary Secrets - Revealing the best food recipes in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Food plays a very important role in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Players can collect numerous ingredients and mix and match them to create a variety of dishes and potions. These dishes and potions can help Link in a number of tight situations.

From giving him a big health boost to giving him a much needed stamina refill, these can actually prove to be very useful. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five food recipes that everyone should know in this latest Nintendo Switch exclusive, The Legend of Zelda game.

Sautéed peppers


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For most Tears of the Kingdom players, this would be the first recipe they ever made. This recipe consists only of spicy pepper and would give players a much needed cold resistance boost in the early game.

Just put a bunch of peppers in a pot and cook them. The more peppers, the longer the effect lasts.

Hasty mushroom skewers

When climbing large mountains, players will notice two things: one, that their stamina runs out quite quickly, and second, the purple mushrooms. Called Rushrooms, they can be used to cook food that increases their speed while doing anything.

Running, fighting and most important of all, climbing.

Bright fishing spear

The dark corners of Tears of the Kingdom are quite treacherous. Players struggle to see anything and they can be attacked from any corner at any time. To prevent this, you can either use the brightly blooming flowers.

Or they can simply cook some of the shiny fish called “Glowing Fish” and give Link a temporary glow.

Dark rice ball

Gloom is the new enemy in this game. It’s not an enemy that’s alive, but it hurts Link worse than anything else. It would give him an affliction that slowly sickens Link and takes away his health.

To prevent this, just mix some Dark Clump with rice and rock salt and the resulting dish, Dark Rice Clump, would prevent the negative effects of gloom.


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Mighty Fried Wild Greens

Fried Greens are fun. Just mix in some Hyrule herbs, acorns, and Chickaloo tree nuts and cook them; they will restore Link’s health when he needs them. But adding some mighty thistles would give players an attack boost.


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Now they would be able to dispose of their enemies faster than ever before.

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