Best destination in the world for LGBTQ+ travelers revealed by new survey

Best destination in the world for LGBTQ+ travelers revealed by new survey

Feeling welcome and safe when traveling is a given for many – and of course it is not something that members of the LGBTQ+ community ought to really have to worry about. But it is a sad fact that many places around the world are still not as acceptable as they should be. LGBTQ+ travelers often have to think seriously about where to travel.

So where are the best destinations for LGBTQ+ tourists right now? A new study from Planet Cruise reckons it has some answers. The report looked at factors ranging from marriage and adoption laws to the number of LGBTQ+ bars to come up with a ranking of the world’s top places for LGBTQ+ tourists.

The top of the list came New York City, which ranked so high largely thanks to its high number of LGBTQ+ bars. Next up was Londonmainly due to receiving a high ‘safety rating’ while the third was Rio de Janeirowhich had the second highest number of LGBTQ+ bars on the list.

Interestingly, the survey did not include Malta, which often tops the rankings for LGBTQ+ inclusiveness. One reason for this could be that Planet Cruise’s investigation is not nearly as thorough or comprehensive as something like Rainbow Europe, which also looks at factors such as anti-hate crime legislation, medical services and legal gender recognition.

These are the top destinations for LGBTQ+ travelers in 2023, according to Planet Cruise’s report.

  1. New York CityUSA
  2. LondonUnited Kingdom
  3. Rio de JaneiroBrazil
  4. ManchesterUnited Kingdom
  5. AmsterdamNetherlands
  6. MadridSpain
  7. ParisFrance
  8. São PauloBrazil
  9. Buenos AiresArgentina
  10. BrusselsBelgium

If you would like to know more, you can read Planet Cruise’s study in its entirety here. So plan a more inclusive holiday by checking out our LGBTQ+ guides to London, New York and Paris.

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