All Stamina Food & Elixir Recipes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Stamina in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a very valuable resource. It’s a resource that many players prioritize getting over extra heart containers at the corner statues when praying.

It’s no surprise that most players either want to craft Hearty consumables or Stamina consumables that offer lasting or energizing effects. So what exactly are these effects?

  • Stamina recipes add extra stamina caster capacity temporarily, in the form of a yellow circle.
  • Energizing recipes replenish some of your lack of stamina when consumed.

Typically, you’ll use energizing and endurance food to gain stamina when you’re stuck with your glider, or while climbing a wall that you just don’t have enough stamina to finish.

Here we will provide all the recipes you can use in Zelda: TOTK to give that extra stamina boost you are looking for.

All Stamina Elixir recipes in TOTK – Enduring & Energizing

To make potions, combine creatures with monster parts in a pot or a Zonai Portable Pot. The more creatures you use, the more stamina is gained. Mix it with any monster part to create the potion.

Enduring Elixir: Mix a tireless frog with any monster part. Use more tireless frogs to increase the amount of stamina gained.

Energizing elixir: Mix either Energetic Rhino Beetle or Restless Cricket with any monster part. You can mix these two creatures together in the same recipe if you want.

All Stamina Food Recipes in TOTK – Enduring & Energizing

To cook (meals), combine food in a pot or a Zonai portable pot. The more of these food ingredients listed below you use, the more endurance you gain. Make sure you don’t mix these with critters or monster parts or it will result in questionable food.

You can mix these ingredients with other food as long as the food you mix it with does not have a special effect related to it.

Enduring food: Mix any of the following foods in a pan.

Energizing food: Mix any of the following foods in a pan.

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