18 easy cucumber recipes – what to do with cucumbers


Is there anything more refreshing than a slice of cucumber? Cool and crisp, they are one of them

best vegetables to grow in your backyard Why? Because there are tons of ways to use them! Pickle them, toss them in your favorite summer salads, put them on sandwiches, or fold them into dips. You can even slice cucumbers and use them to scoop up party dips like herb dill dip and homemade ranch! Of course, you don’t have to be a master gardener to enjoy cucumbers. If you don’t want to grow cucumbers at home, you can visit your local farm stand in the summer or pick up some year-round at the grocery store! Just make sure you know the best way to store cucumbers to keep them crisp and fresh.

These cucumber recipes show you how to use them in all kinds of ways. Cucumber finds its way into a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes like potluck-perfect pasta salads and creamy tzatziki that doubles as a dip for pita chips and a sauce for grilled meats. There are also salmon and veggie grain bowls and turkey burgers served in pita pockets, both excellent options for weeknight family dinners. Cucumber plays a supporting role in salads with chickpeas or watermelon as the main ingredient, but plays the main role in crisp cucumber salad, which comes together in record time. And for any baby shower or upcoming lunches, there are delicious tea sandwiches in three different flavor combinations to suit your fancy. Keep clicking for even more cucumber inspiration!

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