18 Best Fried Food Recipes


Golden brown, crispy and undeniably delicious, fried food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You can bread, dough or coat almost anything from freshly cut

summer vegetables to comfort foods like chicken and seafood and even mac and cheese. This collection of fried food recipes will show you!

Roasting at home might sound scary, but it’s a breeze. The key is to make sure the oil is at the right temperature so whatever your cooking doesn’t brown too quickly or cook too slowly. The right temperature ensures perfect crispness every time! Just break out the deep fryer or your best dutch oven and make sure you have a thermometer handy. If you’re still not convinced, there are also a few air fryer recipes in this collection.

Sure, fried food might not be the healthiest option, but every now and then, munching on something hot from the fryer is totally justified. Think: beer-battered fish and hushpuppies, perfect for your next weekend fish fry or Ladd Drummond’s favorite fried chicken steak smothered in gravy. There are also lots of snacks from Ree’s fan-favorite corn fritters and

Southern foods like fried okra to crispy coconut shrimp to bring some tropical flair to the dinner table. Oh, and there’s dessert: funnel cakes topped with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream and churros served with dulce de leche dip. Who is hungry?

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